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Introductory hello and quick Artemis film update!

Hi, I'm Cassandra, a new Artemis fan and unlurking lurker. =D I started a really quick and dirty website to track progress on the Artemis Fowl movie after spending about four hours trowling the web this morning: http://www.planetkashira.com/artemis/index.html.
I'm pulling my information from Irish online newspapers for the most part, and Irish film production sites.

The good news in a nutshell is that although the film negotiations with Irish studio Ardmore had stalled due to a political problem with Ireland not wanting to renew its tax breaks for filmmakers, that problem has been resolved and the studio is back in negotiations with Miramax:

Unison.ie- Film, 12/4/03

(registration required...but here's the most crucial bit)

ARDMORE studios is set to inform Hollywood studios including Miramax in the coming days of the Budget decision to extend Section 481 tax break provision for films until 2008. Kevin Moriarty, Managing Director of Ardmore in Bray, Co Wicklow last night welcomed the decision and said the studio could now enter negotiations with big-budget Hollywood studios about bringing projects to this country including discussions with Miramax on a �250m trilogy production of 'Artemis Fowl.' While Miramax had expressed an interest in filming the movie in Ireland the project was effectively on ice pending a decision by Charlie McCreevy on the future of the tax breaks. (emphasis mine) Penned by Wexford school teacher Eoin Colfer, the tale is being hailed as the Irish version of 'Harry Potter' and would have a budget of some �70m a movie.

The project has apparently left the hands of Tribeca/Robert DeNiro/et all and has moved to a more Irish group of artists, possibly as Ireland is looking at this to be their equivalent of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, a defining film to put Irish filmmakers on the map. Excitingly, many Irish sources are referring to the film-to-be as a TRILOGY, not a singular movie!

I hope this is of interest to folks here :)
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Oh my God, someone posted!

Damn government and their taxes. You know it's all just a conspiracy to prevent Artemis from taking over the world.
Ah, but see! It's all part of his clever plan, get it? The trilogy was brought up as a centerpiece of the debate and it's a large part of the reason WHY the tax cut was approved to continue to 2008... =D

I really hope they DO go ahead and film in Ireland. It'll just help the mood along so much to have the AUTHENTIC Tara, et all involved. Man, I'd love to be a location scout for the movie! What a great excuse to visit- which I've always wanted anyway ;)
Whoo! It's nice to see someone's FINALLY running an answer to the-leaky-cauldron.org. I've been waiting for SOME site to really keep up-to-date with Fowl movie news...looks like you might be m' answer! Thanks for posting!
You're welcome! I'll do the best I can to stay on top of things. =D
Eye on Fowl's been going for ages. Isn't it up-to-date enough for you? *wibblewibble*

[/pretend sadness]

I'm glad I finally have some competition. :D
Hey, I'm not in it for competition (do note I have Eye on Fowl linked to my site ^^)

Can't we all just get along? =D
Yeah, I noticed that. :D Thanks muchly.

Sure we can! I didn't mean it in a kind of "omg im so gonna kick ur @$$" way, more a "yay someone to keep me on my toes" way. ^^
Hee! Cool. I'm probably gonna pick up a domain name for this site, and I'm working on a -proper- design for it too, not the cheap and dirty one I've got going right now.

I think we won't hear much more until Miramax makes up its mind though. Augh, I hate waiting. I sent an e-mail to the Irish studio asking if they'd be so kind as to put me on the press list. Probably, they won't, but you never know- didn't seem to hurt to ask. =D

I'm hoping I can get a domain soon too, so that I can use Blogger's FTP function and integrate Eye on Fowl with my main AF fansite. I'm also working on a new design for my entire site but I don't want to put the new version up until I have my domain... >.<;

News is very very sparse. =/ But I don't know whether that's because there really isn't any news or because they're keeping everything under wraps.
At this point there just doesn't seem to be any. The film was frozen pending the decision by the Irish government about the tax issue. I'm sure that now that that's come loose they'll be making a decision very soon one way or another.
The film's not had much news ever, I don't think it's to do with this tax thing - and when did that start, anyway? :3
I've NEVER seen that page (EyeOnFowl) before. I thought I'd seen most the fansites out there, but obviously I'm not looking in the right place. ;) THANKS FOR THE LINK!
No problem. ^^; It is my site after all.

If you search for "artemis fowl news" on Google, it comes up as #4! (And numbers 2 and 3 belong to me as well. o.o;) Despite this it's not that well known... =/