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artemis fowl discussion

Artemis Fowl discussion
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Artemis Fowl is the star of a series of books by Eoin Colfer, starting with Artemis Fowl, then the Arctic Incident, and most recently, the Eternity Code. There are fans of all ages, and this is a place for them to come together and discuss the books.

Fan Fiction is allowed, as is Fan Art, but it is suggested that you visit howlerspeak for a more specific Fan Fiction centered community, or af100 for Fan Fiction challenges of 100 words every Monday.

All topics of Artemis Fowl discussion are allowed; Artemis Fowl related quizes and websites can be promoted here. Off-topic messages (non-Artemis Fowl related posts, etc) are prohibited.

If you have any problems with a user, or have any questions, please email the moderator.